Virtual tours are as old as the Internet, yet they have been withheld from professional photographers with the right equipment and know-how. Holiday flats, restaurants, swimming pools, construction sites and many more are still insufficiently presented and documented with non-360° photos. We look at these pictures without orientation, try to guess what it might look like and are always surprised when visiting, sometimes positively, sometimes negatively, how reality differs from our imagination, which we tried to create from photos. Why is there no virtual tour of it, the two founders, Alexander and Michael, asked themselves while searching for the right holiday apartment. Why is there no virtual tour of the construction site, friends asked themselves, who were building a house in a distant city and could not personally assess the progress.

So we asked landlords, restaurant owners and architects and the answer was often the same: Too expensive and too complicated. Then Alexander and Michael had an idea:

Landlords, restaurant owners and all others who offer their spaces online should be able to independently record and publish virtual tours and thus reach many new interested parties. Show online why a visit is worthwhile offline.

Thus, wolowo GmbH was founded in 2016 and two products were developed. The wolaptor for taking error-free and high-resolution 360° photos with your own smartphone and the Online Tour Generator for creating and publishing virtual tours.