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Real Estate

You want to sell or rent a property online? Save a lot of time with virtual visits. Only receive enquiries from interested parties who already know the property well and have a high buying interest.

Virtueller Rundgang Vorschaubild Tourismus


Photos can lie, a virtual tour cannot. Some providers of holiday destinations like to cheat a little bit. The apartment looks a little bigger and unpleasant corners are simply omitted. The customer knows this and is careful in decision-making. Create trust with a virtual tour and reliably meet the expectations of your customers! They will thank you with positive reviews.

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The search for the perfect restaurant or bar usually starts online. The own web page is the standard of each restaurant by now. An appealing presentation of the location is at least as important as the opening hours and the menu. Take your customers on a virtual tour through your restaurant.

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Combine the ambience of your showroom with the convenience of online shopping. With wolowo you create a virtual image of your space and with InfoSpots products are linked directly to your online shop. Or show your customers what they expect from you and convince them to visit you in the shop as well.

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Event location

Receive only qualified requests for your spaces! How does the location look like? Does all the equipment fit through the entrance doors? Where are the toilets? How many people can party here? You can answer to these and other questions in a virtual tour through your event location.