• Free & Premium Tour

    A Free Tour is a virtual tour that you can create and publish for free with wolowo. You can upload a maximum of 5 panoramas per week. If you want to upload more panoramas, you need a Premium Tour. You can upgrade a Free Tour at any time. A Free Tour includes the following features:

    • Panoramas with max. 10,000 x 5,000 px
    • Insert floor plans
    • Info-Hotspots
    • Media-Hotspots
    • Easy sharing
    • wolowo logo in the tour
    • Public mode

    As many as you want. However, you can upload a maximum of 5 panoramas per week in Free Tours.

    A Premium Tour includes all features for the perfect presentation of your virtual tour. For €18,70 you have access to all features and benefits of wolowo. These include:

    • Panoramas with max. 10,000 x 5,000 px
    • Insert floor plans
    • Info-Hotspots
    • Media-Hotspots
    • Easy sharing
    • Embed logo
    • Password protection
    • Private & public mode
    • Add contact person
    • Various designs
    • iFrame code for embedding on websites

    Yes, go to "My Tours" in your account and click on the gear of the tour you want to upgrade to get to the settings. Here you will find the button "Switch to Premium".

    Upload 360° photos

    For your free tours you can upload 5 panoramas per week. It doesn't matter if you create a Free Tour with 5 panoramas or 5 tours with only one panorama each. In Premium Tours you can upload up to 50 panoramas.

    Panoramas can be uploaded as JPG files up to 45 MB. For an undistorted view, it is important that the images are actually 360°. If parts of the ceiling or floor are missing, this is no problem. When uploading, you can align the panoramas accordingly.

    With a wolowo account you can create a new tour and upload panoramas. After login you will be redirected to your User Dashboard. Go to My Tours here to create a new tour, click on the blue + in the lower right corner. After you have assigned a tour name and selected your tour category, you will be taken to the Tour Generator. In the first step you can create groups and upload your panoramas.

    Files upload

    You can upload hotspots for the following file formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, MP4, BMP, WMV, FLV, MP3, 3GA, WMA, WAV

  • Payment

    To buy a Premium Tour or a Credit Package you need Credits. The € value of a credit depends on whether you buy the credits individually or in one of the offered packages. The more credits you buy, the cheaper they will be. After completing your order, the credits will be credited to your account immediately and can be used to activate premium tours. For the activation of a Premium Tour you need 100 Credits.

    The option to buy credits is always offered when you want to unlock a Premium Tour.

    • When adding a new tour.
    • In the Tour Generator.
    • In the settings of the tour.

    Of course. The more credits you buy, the cheaper you get. Choose one of our credit packages and benefit from discounted premium tours.

    After completion of each order you will receive the invoice by e-mail.

    Credits cannot be returned. With the purchase of credits you waive the right of withdrawal.

    Virtual Tours

    @MISSING: frontend.Wenn du eine Tour offline nimmst, wird sie weder in deinem öffentlichen Profil angezeigt, noch ist es möglich die Tour über den Link zu öffnen. Wenn die Tour in eine Webseite eingebettet ist, wird angezeigt, dass die Tour gerade offline ist. Du kannst eine Offline Tour jederzeit wieder auf Online stellen. FOR LANGUAGE en @

    Under My Tours, select the tour you want to take online or offline. Click on the cogwheel. In the new window you have the possibility to put the tour online or offline in the middle row. This function is only available for premium tours.

    When you have finished the tour, click on the Save icon in the Tour Generator under Manage (bottom right). Put your tour online by clicking on the cogwheel of the corresponding tour under My Tours and switching the tour from offline to online in the next window. You should now be able to open and share your tour.

    No, I'm afraid that's not possible.

    Go to "My Tours" in your account and click on the gear for the tour whose statistics you want to view. In the new window, select the diagram symbol in the middle horizontal bar which will lead you to the statistics of the tour.

    For each of your premium tours you can see in the statistics on which day how many people watched your tour with which devices. In addition, you can see how many people are watching your tour live at the moment.

    A public tour is displayed in your profile and can be found using the search function on wolowo. A public tour can be viewed by anyone. A private tour is not displayed in your profile. You decide with whom you share the tour. A private tour can be viewed by anyone who has the link to the tour. You want to have full control over the access to your tour? Then use the password protection.

    If you don't want your tour to be publicly visible, you can uncheck the Publicly visible checkbox in the Tour Generator under Manage in the lower left area. This feature is only available for premium tours. Free tours are always publicly visible.

    Virtual tours from wolowo are easy to integrate into your own website. Just copy the iFrame code and paste it into your website. You can find the iFrame code by clicking on the gear of the tour you want to embed under My Tours. There you will find two iFrame codes: With the first link you can embed the Tour Viewer so that your tour can be viewed directly on your website. The second link is a preview. It displays the first panorama of the tour and has a button to open the complete tour in a new window.